Deep Learning and Gen-AI Pioneering

Deep learning is transforming the world around us. Examples of TDS team members using cutting-edge generative AI and other deep learning models include shortcutting the document review processes, reading and tabulating messy police reports, and conducting early case assessments. TDS consultants also regularly advise software developers and investors on legal tech incorporating the latest foundational models (ChatGPT, AWS Lambda, LLaMA, etc.).

Serious TAR Consulting

Many companies provide “TAR consulting,” yet they do not aggressively optimize/enrich/validate workflows because of incentives to extend review time. One of our core tenets is to reduce our clients’ review costs as much as possible—on every single matter. Recently, for example, a TDS team member ran a by-the-book-defensible TAR 2.0 workflow that reduced review volume by 85%, saving the client over $1 million in outside counsel and vendor fees.

Database Optimization Adds Up

Certain data types, like video, can be extremely dense and costly to process/host. TDS aggressively manages client data to reduce costs and maintain efficient workflows. A recent case involved a patent where video data on another vendor’s Relativity platform were transferred onto an adjacent platform, saving the client roughly $2,400 per month in hosting costs. These small optimizations can save millions over the life of a case. TDS consciously manages its clients’ data footprint to maximize cost savings and improve work product quality.

Automating Tedious Trial Tasks

Traditional exhibit preparation is cumbersome, involving hours of copy/paste tasks or hard copy document handling. TDS team members supporting past trials combined technical disciplines to develop an automatic workflow to select, copy, rename, stamp, scrub, and package trial exhibits using standard law firm software. This converted a 200-hour task into a 3-hour task, saving the client nearly $100,000 in outside counsel legal fees.


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